Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease – Homeopathy testimonial

“Recently, my 4-year-old son was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  It is horribly painful and uncomfortable for a small child to endure, characterized by sores in the mouth and rash-like blisters on the body.  This makes it uncomfortable to sleep, eat or drink.

The only advice my son’s pediatrician offered, was to give him Motrin and Tylenol to keep the fever down as well as help alleviate some of the pain so he would be able to drink fluids.  He didn’t offer anything else as a cure.

As a parent, it is distressing to watch my child suffer in agony.  As luck would have it, I contracted the disease shortly after the incubation period.  I contacted Dr. Reichenberg since I wanted to make sure if I took Tylenol or Motrin, it wouldn’t interact with the current remedy she had prescribed for my Hashimoto’s Disease, which is working wonders.

After I explained the situation, Dr. Reichenberg was kind enough to treat both me and my son with a remedy of Borax.  The oral sores the disease causes improved within 24 hours of taking the remedy.  We felt so much better and we were able to eat and drink pain-free.  I am so grateful to Dr. Reichenberg for showing great care and concern by treating us with a remedy that worked!

Even though I am already confident in Dr. Reichenberg’s care, I will be looking to her for my son’s health issues as well since she can offer something natural versus the antibiotics used by conventional doctors.”

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