Testimonial: A Mom With Meniere’s Disease and A Daughter with ADHD

Sometimes Less is More

It strains the mind of skeptics that medicine as gentle, natural, and diluted can have
any effect, much less be one of the most powerful healing modalities on the planet.
We rarely see patients who come to us first. Most have been through the revolving
door of conventional therapies. And, often, they have tried a variety of natural
therapies and finally ended up in our office because they have heard others sing the
praises of homeopathy.

In one of our earliest books, Ritalin-Free Kids, we implored
parents to try homeopathy first because the family could have much to gain, little
to lose, and could possibly save themselves years of therapy, drugs, expense, and
unhappiness. Unfortunately, homeopathy has the reputation among many to
produce results slowly. The pace of healing depends on many factors, but often the
progress is slow because the right remedy has not been given.
So, when Gretchen, one of our mom patients, came in recently extolling the
virtues of her family’s care and reminding us that the first remedy worked
beautifully for both of them, we thought it deserving sharing here:

Hello Judyth and Robert,

I was thrilled with the speed and precision of the effect of a homeopathic remedy for my
young daughter’s emotional outbursts. We had started on a path of counseling and
behavior training when a friend recommended we consult with you. At our first consult, I
felt you really heard our concerns and could see my child’s energy and behavior patterns. It was such relief and so validating to feel seen and heard. You prescribed a remedy that helped curb her outbursts within a few weeks. Soon my daughter’s kindness, empathy, and intelligence became the forefront of her personality instead of anger and acting out.

highly recommend homeopathy as a frontline therapy for behavioral issues. The results
were stunning!

Then I decided to become a patient after a relapse from Meniere’s Disease, causing
inner ear, hearing issues and vertigo that were affecting my daily functioning. I had
previously undergone surgery and received a different remedy from another homeopath
15 years earlier. When the old remedy was no longer working I consulted the Ullmans. In
sharing my health history, the comprehensive questions about my physical symptoms and emotional patterns helped to find the perfect remedy. The symptoms of pressure in my ears and face subsided over several weeks and the Meniere’s Disease once again went into dormancy. I’m so grateful for the careful assessment skills and close follow-up to help restore my quality of life. Homeopathy has helped me maintain health in a way that western medicine could not. With gratitude.”

We share this feedback to encourage those of you who might be on the fence to give
homeopathy a go. And, for those of you who have tried many healing paths and are still

Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman are licensed naturopathic
physicians, board certified in homeopathy.

If you’d  like to find out how we can help you at Healthy Homeopathy please do get in touch and make an appointment, we’d love to hear from you.

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