The Number 13 helps you tear down your old walls…

The intense creative and intuitive energies of the week are resuming their beneficial state, so you won’t feel overwhelmed or oversensitive. The energies of your new path and ambition will keep supporting you.

The highest spiritual energy that helps you see your dark areas clearly is becoming increasingly active. This energy illuminates the darkness like a lantern so you won’t feel lonely, not even in the darkest hours of the night, and provides spiritual protection so that you can face challenges and continue to grow.

The numerology formula of the energies of week 36

2  8  9   4
10     13

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The energy of the number 9 provides light and protection in the toughest moments

This energy stays by your side all month long, supporting you along the way. By its impact, you’ll feel the need for retreat and introspection. It’s not like you want to hide from the external world. You only want to discover what’s missing and what areas you should focus on in the future.

Now you can take stock of the things you’ve achieved in the past few months. You can draw your conclusions and come up with new plans for the journey ahead. Retreating will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries and prepare for the ride. You can use this time to recharge yourself with light and heal your wounds so that you can keep walking your path strong. If you feel lost and weak, always ask the light to permeate you and fill you with warmth.

The energy of the number 4 assists you in building stable foundations for your new life

It’s not the first time this energy has appeared this year. Although you’ve come so far, you still need to create a stable, safe environment for the incoming energies. You’re like a well that you keep building higher and higher to accept more of this amazing power. The stronger the walls of your well, the better you get at using your new energies.

This energy makes you feel balanced; it gives you the confidence you need to ground yourself as you move forward. You’re able to keep the high level of vibration of the year, so the more intense energy impulses can’t catch you off guard anymore.

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The energy of the number 13 helps you tear down your old walls

As you keep building a well of new energies by the impact of the number 4, the old well containing the old energies is becoming unnecessary. This process symbolizes the transformation of your body that is set to change at a cellular level so that you can utilize these high-level energies and eliminate the old ones.

You’ll start detoxing your body, and thus your need for nourishment will change. You’ll crave less of some nutrients and more of others, or perhaps your system will straight out refuse to digest some. Pay heed to what your body is telling you and try to comply. Perhaps you’ll need more rest and exercise so that the desired transformation can transpire. Don’t be surprised if this transformation results in minor illnesses. Remember that all this contributes to your spiritual wellbeing.

The energy of the number 23 and the number 5 will make this change easier

The energy of the number 23 launches the energies of change from a higher spiritual level, leaving it to your intuitions and dreams to show you what to expect. Therefore, when the fast and beneficial energy of change arrives, it won’t catch you off guard.

You must let go of certain things yet again. The energy of the number 5 will make sure that you can’t hold on to things that no longer benefit you. Now you can assist change by not holding on to it, but by simply letting it happen. Trust that your life will change in the right direction and no harm can come to you. Remember that you’re under spiritual protection. In case of doubt, turn to the light for assistance. 


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