Numerology Insights on Jay-Z’s Album Title 4:44

If you’re a Jay-Z fan—and even if you’re not—certainly you’ve been hearing the buzz about his new album titled 4:44.

And of course if you’re at all a fan of numerology, it grabs your interest immediately to see something “mainstream” that veers over into the esoteric realms and has the potential to open up some avenues of curiosity with people where it might not otherwise be piqued.

In an interview, surely one of many, Jay Z is asked to explain the confusion about the title of the album and offer some meaning behind the choice of 4:44. There are obvious connections, like Beyoncé’s birthday is on the 4th, his mother’s birthday is on the 4th, his own birthday on the 4th, and he and Beyoncé got married on the 4th. And beyond that, the number 4 appears to have significance to Jay-Z in many other ways, including the fact that he woke up at 4:44 in the morning and wrote the song that became the title track for the album.

One of the interesting factors from a numerological perspective is that the entire way the album came about is exactly the essence of the repeating number pattern 4:44. The number 4 carries the energy of structure. The number 4 is foundational energy that’s needed to bring matter into form. The 4 is all about hard work, process, stability and a certain level of security. Its power resides in envisioning something and creating it from nothing. The 4 is powerful “earth” energy that is systematic and tenacious—it is the foundation from which you build something of lasting value. Where others give up or want the easy way out, the 4 stays late and comes to work early, if you know what I mean.

And to see the repeating number 4:44 carries a powerful message. Numerologically speaking, when you seeing repeating numbers—and notice that you’re seeing repeating numbers—it’s not just a coincidence. Seeing numbers is a message.  It’s the Universe’s way of communicating through codewe just have to learn the code. The common message when we see repeating numbers is this:  You have a personal fan club of energies that are incredibly eager to assist, support, and validate you.  All you have to do is ask, set an intention, and be open to information coming to you from unexpected sources and in non-linear way. And often you don’t even have to consciously ask. You’ll get messages over and over again until you begin to notice. Our guides and cosmic support team are doing their best to communicate with us everyday. And as Steven Speilberg says: “Intuition doesn’t shout, it whispers.” This is often the way repeating numbers show up for us. They keep appearing until we just can’t ignore them anymore. Then we think we’re just crazy or something “weird” is going on. Usually by the time it becomes a concern, we’re ready to hear what the message has to impart to us. For some people, seeing repeating numbers becomes upsetting because it’s like they feel they’re being “stalked” by unknown forces!

And we can retreat from these messages or even ignore them. Or you can be Jay-Z—not only open to the message but rather tapped into the power and inspiration it offers on a personal level and also for the project itself. The repeating number 4 is a message that the higher realms are assisting you—they’re supporting your endeavors, inspiring you, and placing ideas and opportunities in front of you that are yours for the taking. When this number pattern comes up, it’s demanding your trust in yourself and in “spiritual” forces. It’s telling you that whatever you’re creating through concerted effort, diligence, and positive intention can expand exponentially and can serve a higher purpose in the world.

The energy of the number 4 also shows up in Jay Z’s personality profile in his numerology chart—not to mention in the charts of his family—which adds additional “punch” to its supportive elements to this particular project. Interestingly enough, both Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Life Path number is a 5, a somewhat oppositional energy to the number 4. The Life Path number is similar to the Sun Sign in Astrology—it indicates a persons overall life’s purpose. It’s something we’re learning about, mastering, and evolving into. The number 5 is the number of “freedom”—yet having the structure and rigor that the slow-and-steady number 4 brings to the mix can be the ultimate numerological “power couple” if both understand their optimal elements and can work with the interesting collisions that come with these very distinctive energies. The number 5 is about progressive thought and action, fearlessness, and is an agent of change while the number 4 is about hard work, systems building, and knowledge.

Overall, the significance of the 4:44 is a powerful code carrying an energy that can be felt on subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle levels. It manifests a message into physical form—and that message revolves around bringing some of Jay-Z’s dreams into the material world. And even though its somewhat certain that the album 4:44 will have financial and popular success, I would daresay that Jay-Z’s intentions rise above an obsession with sales and are more focused on bringing his personal and universal message onto terra firma through this particular creative project. The 4:44 offers ample reward for focused and concerted effort and it’s energy doesn’t appear to be lost on Jay Z’s use of this powerful and spiritually evolved code with this album.

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