Taurus Season: The Garden of the Survivor

Jan Breughel

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th (11: 12 PM EDT) and we begin the season of the survivalist. Earth-sign Taurus is fertile, fixed and cautious. There’s growth, but it’s slow. Anything that happens with this sign is often permanent, which is great for building what you want to last, but not so great if you become stuck in fearful, limiting habits. 

What do you absolutely need to survive? What values sustain you? How much are you worth? What will you never compromise on?

These questions confront you with the non-negotiables. If everything is set in stone, you dry up as the concrete hardens around you. But a few immovable values and routines are essential- they sustain you when others try to break you down and make you question who you are. They keep you still when the everything around you is falling apart. You become the rock, because you absoltuely know what you’re worth and what you deserve. 

This is Taurus.

Identify what makes you feel good and solid. Build on what’s fertile (slow growth) and discard what’s dried up and unmoving (it will be fear-based). Set your boundaries and shut out anyone who devalues you, but build a gate and allow entrance to the precious few who resonate with your true value. Figure out the difference between necessary indulgences versus wallowing in indulgence as a way of avoiding forward movement.  

Survive, then thrive. Root yourself in the gut-instinct of what feels right, then reach higher. Take care of yourself while you do this.

And most of all…keep it simple. Taurus is not complicated. Don’t overthink it. If it feels safe/good/sustaining, keep it. If it feels suffocating/undermining/stale/bad, toss it. Or step away from it. Yes, even though this sign is notorious for refusing to let go, when a certain line is crossed the door slams shut. It’s called survival. 

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone- Taurus does not make justifications. 

Here are the aspects the Sun in Taurus will make:

  • Apr 24th: trine Vesta in Capricorn (4 deg)
  • Apr 29th: trine Saturn Rx in Capricorn (9 deg)
  • Apr 29th: Full Moon in Scorpio (9 deg)
  • Apr 30th: square the Nodes in Leo/Aquarius (10 deg)
  • Apr 30th: square Ceres in Leo (10 deg)
  • May 6th: sextile Neptune in Pisces (15 deg)
  • May 8th: opposite Jupiter Rx in Scorpio (18 deg)
  • May 10th: trine Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn (20 deg)
  • May 11th: trine Pluto Rx in Capricorn (21 deg)
  • May 15th: New Moon in Taurus (24 deg)
  • May 20th: Gemini ingress 

Notable aspects:

  • April 29th trine to Saturn Rx: the builder’s energy. Slow (very slow) and very, very stable. Saturn Rx takes you back or asks you to reeeaaallly define it, and the Taurus Sun nails it down.
  • May 8th opposition to Jupiter Rx: the Sun illuminates what deep truths/knowledge Jupiter has been focusing on. Something big might bubble up – could be excellent, or ugly. 
  • May 11th trine to Pluto Rx: on the heels of the trine to Saturn, Pluto empowers what you’re trying to manifest, while the Sun energizes a major transformation. It may be quiet (trines can slip in unnoticed, because the energy flows so easily) but don’t mistake ease for insignificance. 

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