Tarot Cards for the Full Moon in Scorpio

Here are the cards I pulled for today’s Scorpio Full Moon: 9 of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo – Earth) The World (Saturn-Earth) and the 3 of Wands reversed (Sun in Aries – Fire). 

The 9 of Pentacles suggests attainment, and this card is associated with material gain and independence. Venus (what you want) in Virgo (perfectionism, correctness) is about working hard to get what you want, and there’s a sense of refinement. The World increases the attainment vibe and suggests this could be a fairly big result. Did you have your eyes on an ultimate goal? It’s an ending card (Saturn) which is appropriate for a Full Moon. But it’s an ending that you wanted or engineered. Saturn makes it real (and Saturn plays a role in this Full Moon). 

So far, so good. But the reversed 3 of Wands indicates a spot of trouble. You know what you were aiming for, but you didn’t quite get it. Perhaps you’re now wondering if this is really the direction you want to move in. Maybe the attainment has fallen flat, or just didn’t materialize. Sun in Aries is about charging ahead, but in this case, you’re pausing because the path ahead is not right.

Consider your results and why they feel unsatisfactory. Or why they didn’t work out. What’s missing, and how might you adjust your trajectory? Where did you step off the path? Remember that this Moon squares the Nodes and Ceres – that’s a clue. 

Fire and Earth are compatible, so you’re doing ok. There’s more Earth than Fire, which means the material side of things is on track. But the vision of the future/initiative to make it happen needs some adjustment. Or, maybe you need more initiative. Sometimes too much Earth means you get bogged down and lose momentum. 

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