New Moon in Taurus and Uranus in Taurus

The May 15th Taurus New Moon (24 deg, 7:47 AM EDT) is powered up by a trine to Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Pluto Rx digs even deeper as it goes back over old ground, and these reviews/intensified transformations will be part of this new beginning. This Moon will also trine Mars (in the last degree of Capricorn) so there will be an ambitious drive to make to happen. 

In keeping with Taurus energy, you can expect this beginning to have staying power. It’s likely to be visible/physical (Taurus is an Earth sign) and involve values, money or resources. 

Sounds pretty calm so far. However, Uranus will make its big move into Taurus on this same day. I’ve written an ebook on this major transit if you want to know how it might impact you. But in general, expect this (roughly) 7 year influence to completely overhaul your approach to money, security and stability. Old habits will be broken, and outdated values will be left behind. I’ll write a more detailed post on this transit, closer to the date. 

Whatever this New Moon introduces will be the first rumble of the Uranus in Taurus earthquake. Note that Mars will enter Uranus-ruled Aquarius early on May 16th, and will square Uranus in Taurus. So the actions that propelled this New Moon will jump unexpectedly – what starts off as a slow, determined push will accelerate quickly, and the outcome will reverberate over the next 7 years. Mars square Uranus can be violent, or can trigger accidents. It can also trigger a liberation from stale or restrictive rules/habits. 

The New Moon starts out in a controlled fashion, but everything will speed up and head in surprising directions. This can be a surprise breakthrough or a breakdown. You won’t have control over everything, but your intentions when you first start out will still be important. For the best results (even if things develop in weird ways) it’s vital that you focus on healthy and empowering changes. 

As this New Moon and Uranus’ Taurus ingress approach, consider what you want to manifest and what you want to free yourself from. Earth signs are all about making it real, and Taurus (and Aquarius) are fixed signs. So even though there will be some teeth-rattling action and electirc events, you’re still looking at long-term change


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