Mercury's Transit of Taurus

Mercury enters Taurus on May 13th, 8:40 AM EDT. This is a brief transit (a bit over two weeks) but it is a chance to regroup and take stock of what you learned during Mercury’s previous tour of Aries. 

Communication and ideas are grounded in the moment. Caution and simplicity are the themes. This may come as a relief for those who were rattled by Mercury in Aries’ repeat hits to Mars and Saturn. That battle is over, and now you can consider the results. This is not the time for impulsive words or complex ideas – Mercury in Taurus is slow, stubborn and thoughtful. What makes sense right now? What’s the simplest answer?

Mind you, Uranus is entering Taurus in a couple of days (although it won’t conjoin Mercury) so there are bigger changes on the horizon. And Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus in Aries earlier today (6:50 AM EDT) might have been the final burst of truth/clarity that launched you into this more thoughtful mode. Nonetheless, you’re still looking at the immediate reality – how information and the physical world align. There is unity here, and you can make the most of it by ensuring your words manifest into reality. That means pulling back on the bold or passionate pronouncements and ensuring that you can actually do what you say you’re going to do.   

Here are the aspects Mercury in Taurus will make:

  • May 16th: trine Vesta (4 deg Capricorn)
  • May 18th: trine Saturn Rx (8 deg Capricorn)
  • May 18th: square the Nodes (8 deg Leo/Aquarius)
  • May 22nd: sextile Neptune (16 deg Pisces)
  • May 23rd: opposite Jupiter Rx (16 deg Scorpio)
  • May 23rd: square Ceres (16 deg Leo)
  • May 25th: trine Pluto Rx (21 deg Capricorn)
  • May 25th: trine Black Moon Lilith (21 deg Capricorn)
  • May 29th: Gemini ingress

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