Uranus' Transit of Taurus

Here we are, on the cusp of a new era. Can you feel it? Uranus enters Taurus on May 15th at 11:16 AM EDT. 

The last time Uranus changed signs (when it entered Aries) was May 27th, 2010. It will exit Taurus for Gemini on July 7th, 2025. This gives you an idea of how significant Uranus’ ingresses are – these shifts don’t happen every day. Each time Uranus enters a new sign, liberation, disruption and progress occur in a new area. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart is where you’ll be modernized or liberated. 

Taurus is stubborn and avoids change. Uranus is change. Taurus is about comfort and physical sensuality. Uranus is detachment and shock. When the two collide, you just know that the comfort zone is going to be updated, like it or not. 

When interpreting these transits, I find it helpful to combine keywords. So here’s your cheat sheet (Uranus keywords on the left, Taurus keywords on the right):

  • new values
  • new approach to money/security/survival/pleasure/self-esteem/beauty
  • disrupted habits
  • new physical expression
  • disruption of stagnation
  • liberation from supression
  • detachment from possessions/possessiveness
  • upgrade of what’s stagnated

These changes may be voluntary or involuntary, but either way there will be a sudden catalyst. It will likely feel uncomfortable, but it will be necessary. Taurus gets stuck into what’s safe, and sometimes that can result in a shutdown and poverty mentality, rather than abundance and growth. Uranus is here to ensure that any stale areas are liberated. If the soil is no longer fertile, this transit will blow it away or push you into new, more fertile territory.  

Note that the transiting South Node is in Uranus-ruled Aquarius until November 6th, 2018. The South Node is the past, or what’s ready to be carried forward. Uranus into Taurus says that you can make that leap forward by updating your comfort zone. Liberate yourself from old definitions of money, security, beauty or comfort. Find a new source of income. Let go of what you’ve been clinging to. And don’t worry about guessing where the change will happen – Uranus will show you. 

Wondering how Uranus’ transit of Taurus might impact you? I’ve written an eBook about it, based on your house positions (you need to know your birth time so you can figure out which description in the book applies to you).

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