Five steps to nourish your mind and body during divorce

There has been an immense amount of research in the field of nutrition and mood since Sugar Blues was published in 1986 which leads to some simple easy to use guidelines in how to eat to feel your best under any circumstances, divorce included. Here are five ways to use what you eat to support your mind and body during the upset of divorce:

Step 1

Choose, cook, and eat foods close to how they looked when they were harvested. his means ingredients that are fresh, whole or minimally processed (ex. Scotch oats or granola rather than processed breakfast cereals), and lightly prepared (ex. stir fry fresh chicken rather than microwave frozen breaded chicken nuggets, etc.) Fresh whole foods have the most flavor and offer you the most nutritional value.

Step 2

Eat a minimum of four (4) ozs of protein a day, more if you are experiencing extreme stress. protein in necessary for your immune system and to repair the damage that occurs during high-stress periods. Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, nuts, seed, and beans are all high protein rich foods.

Step 3

Fill your plate with a rainbow of colors. Each of the phytonutrients in the vegetable kingdom offers different benefits. By eating salads with green, red, and yellow peppers as well as a variety of lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, etc. you are ingesting a cornucopia of nutrients. You’ll receive similar benefits by consuming cooked dishes with a variety of vegetables (stir-fry, meat or bean burritos with salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and cilantro, soups with lots of veggies,, etc.)

Step 4 

Drink lots and lots of ate every day, at least four eight oz. glasses. water flushes out toxins from the system in a way that other beverages can not.

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