Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Full Moon (May 29th, 8:19AM EDT) takes place at 8 degrees. This means the Sag Moon trines the Leo North Node and the Gemini Sun trines the Aquarius South Node. 

Here we have a smooth integration between past (South Node) and future (North Node). Details, choices and communication (Gemini) are the keys to developing something further or wrapping it up. Discuss what you want to carry forward or choose to say goodbye. Faith, wisdom and the freedom to explore (Sagittarius) are how you’ll move ahead. Note that the Sun rules the North Node, so past and future are really impossible to separate. There may be no definite line between them, just a progression of layers. One things unfolds into the next.  

As a reminder, here’s a description of what these Nodes mean. 

Yod to Saturn

So far, so good. This culmination can help you expand (Sagittarius) into the future. However the Gemini Sun makes a hard inconjunct to Saturn Rx in Capricorn. Saturn is part of a Yod to the Sun and the North Node, from May 27th to 29th. The Sun and North Node sextile each other, and both make awkward inconjuncts to Saturn, which becomes the focal point but also the challenge. So there’s opportunity to create (Leo North Node) fuelled by fresh ideas (Gemini Sun) but that energy may be blocked by a hard limit or rule. Your choices may be limited. In the end, you want to use the point of the Yod (that’s your task) which means focusing the creative, flexible energy. Get serious about it and take responsibility for what you’re choosing. Take responsibility for the future you want to create.  

Mercury in the Sign it Rules

Finally, Mercury enters Gemini on May 29th, adding emphasis to the Gemini side of this lunation. This really feels like a powerful communicative prompt – discuss, ask questions and collect information. The Gemini/Sag polarity is also about truth and the story that’s being told, and with a Saturn Yod, it’s crucial that what you say is real and that you understand the truth behind the story.  

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