Venus' Transit of Leo

Venus enters Leo on June 13th (5:53 PM EDT). Love, money, self-esteem and values are emboldened in the sign of pride and creativity. This is the transit to celebrate what you want and what you’ve got going for you. 

Everyone has something they can be proud of – some area where they can shine. You attract the best because you know you deserve the best because you’ve got something to be proud of. Something you can spotlight. Maybe it’s your eyes, your cooking, your voice or your talent for ___. Whatever makes you happy.

Venus in Leo is about attention and appreciation (Leo must have that audience) but it goes beyond applause. Leo is also about dignity. Pride is a key word – do your relationships and values make you proud? Do you expect the best? What do you receive attention for?  Distorted Venus in Leo grabs the spotlight because of drama and histrionics. Evolved Venus in Leo stays true to her core certainty that she does not have to grab what she wants, it simply comes to her because she deserves it. 

Venus in Leo also loves to play – this is a transit of romance, sparkle and opulence. Why hold back? Leo’s fire is stoked by big joy. The only obligation is to yourself and your happiness. 

Venus’s first aspects will be a square to Uranus in Taurus followed by a trine to Chiron in Aries. Uranus amplifies the sense of risk regarding what you want – do you dare indulge, spend or put yourself out there? Venus’ trine to Chiron suggests the answer is “yes.” Obviously, you want to use some caution (be smart about this) but a Venus/Chiron trine points to a courageous embrace of what hurts. Loving the wound. Taking the risk even though it may hurt. The ease of the trine won’t erase the pain, but it will make it manageable and offer release or acceptance. The audience loves you, wounds and all. You’re proud of your scars. 

Here are the aspects Venus in Leo will make:

  • June 14th: square Uranus (1 deg Taurus)
  • June 15th: trine Chiron (2 deg Aries)
  • June 19th: inconjunct Saturn Rx (6 deg Capricorn)
  • June 19th: conjunct the North Node (6 deg)
  • June 21st: opposite Mars (9 deg Aquarius)
  • June 25th: square Jupiter Rx (13 deg Scorpio)
  • June 27th: inconjunct Neptune Rx (16 deg Pisces)
  • July 1st: inconjunct Pluto Rx (20 deg Capricorn)
  • July 5th: trine Vesta (24 deg Sagittarius)
  • July 6th: inconjunct Black Moon Lilith (26 deg Capricorn)
  • July 9th: Virgo ingress   


June 19th to 21st features a conjunction to the Leo North Node and a Mars/Venus opposition. Venus/North Node is your desirable path forward; what you want and where you want to go. The opposition to Mars will add tension, which is not a bad thing – tension motivates you, and the conflict between action versus what you want can push you to go further or call it quits. Mars opposite Venus can indicate fiery chemistry via a demanding attraction, and the dynamic will be anything but harmonious. 

Because the Nodes are involved, more is at stake- Mars urges you to step away from the past and Venus draws you towards the future. Transiting Mars/Venus oppositions are rare: the last one occurred on May 24th, 2016 (0 deg Sag/Gemini) and the next one occurs on November 9th, 2020 (15 deg Aries/Libra).  In the Mars/Venus cycle this is a culmination – it can signal a result involving a relationship or any action/attraction dynamic. Detached/rebellious actions (Mars in Aquarius) challenge the desire to be proud, special, or to create something special (Venus in Leo). Ultimately, you want to move towards the North Node, so special wins. But the motivation lies in Aquarius. 

The degree of this opposition is the degree where Mars will station Rx in Aquarius (on June 26th). This tells us that the opposition’s culmination will lead to Mars Rx’s review or redo. So the ending or turning point will not be absolute – Mars Rx says there will be delays and back and forth before the final result (when Mars direct passes over 9 deg Aquarius from October 8th to 9th).


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