Category: Numerology

The number 11 is giving you strength and confidence

The intensity of creative energies is strengthening drastically in the week ahead. You’ll be feeling tense and overwhelmed unless you can exercise or work hard. The intuitive energies will be overly active in the first days of the week, but then they’ll smooth out to become beneficial. This week, just like the entire month, three […]

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Number 19: All the miracles you’ve been waiting for will start happening

You’ll get recharged by the energy of number 19 and it’ll make you feel the need to show the world your new self. Now you can feel the confidence the energy of the year has promised you. All the miracles you’ve been waiting for will start happening. Look back at the past few years and […]

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Number 8: It’s time to take courageous steps

The intuitive energies will remain incredibly intense the week ahead, so I suggest that you ward yourself spiritually to avoid the side effects of oversensitivity. The creative energies will intensify in the second part of the week, so make sure to work them of by exercising. The three beneficial spiritual energies are still standing beside […]

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